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Oct 30, 2018
In Unit 3
I was particularly interested in Q.3.9, which asked about the reasons behind misalignment in university and VET aspirations. It struck me that each individual thinks about things differently. For instance, I tend to be the kind of person who does one thing at a time and just see where it leads me. It's not often that I think numerous steps ahead to an end goal. This is because I am pretty happy to just see where life takes me but at the same time it might also be because 'map' knowledge is inherent for me and I therefore take it for granted because I just 'know what to do' without having to really investigate. However, in thinking about this particular question, I started to wonder whether some of our students might take a similar approach to life. Perhaps they don't really see their educational and occupational goals as being part of the same pathway or journey. It might be that they like the idea of going to university and can see themselves going there to study something, but that they also see themselves as being a hairdresser later on, which doesn't require a university degree. So is the misalignment always because students are relying on 'tour' knowledge and simply don't know what or where they need to study in order to reach their occupational goals? Or is the misalignment sometimes the result of students seeing their educational and occupational aspirations as two different/separate things that are not connected? Perhaps then, it is important to first help students understand the connection between the different points on their aspirational 'journey' in order to resolve issues of misalignment.


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