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Aspirations: Supporting Students’ Futures

Free online professional development course for teachers
 The course is relevant to teachers who work in primary, secondary and senior secondary schools.
Other education stakeholders are also welcome to complete the course.

When I Grow Up: Supporting Children's Aspirations

Free online course for parents and carers
 The course is relevant to parents and carers of primary, secondary and senior secondary schools.

What our aspirations community says about this course

I highly recommend this course to every parent. It is very informative and will be a valuable tool to help your child.

- David, parent

So positive! As a teacher you can forget how important your role is in shaping the next generation.

- Felicity, teacher

It has opened up a world of research and ideas and changed the way I interact, teach and support my students and their families.

- Cody, teacher

This course improved my confidence to help young people navigate their aspirations

- Peter, parent

The course has drawn my attention to the important role of teachers in developing future choices for all students.

- Sally, teacher

The Team

The production of these courses was led by Laureate Professor Jenny Gore with a team from the University of Newcastle and La Trobe University, and supported by a teacher reference group.

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