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We acknowledge the following contributions to the development of these online courses:



provided by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, with in kind support from the University of Newcastle and La Trobe University.


with gratitude to the students, parents, carers and teachers who participated in the research that underpins this course.


with thanks to the students of Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA) who performed in the videos and the teachers who facilitated their participation.
Thanks to the
following actors and colleagues who also performed in the videos:

Kaliya Alldridge

Luisa Amosa

Lilly Andrews

Myra Andrews

David Arnull

Alyce Carroll

Honae Cuffe

Tim Dean

Caitlin Field

Emma Graham

Matthew Harper

Daniel Hickmott

Mikahlia Holmes

Amber Hughes

Felicia Jaremus

Claire Jones

Zara Kelly

Nathan Loveridge

Roger Ly

Adam Lloyd

Angela McKeown

Andrew Miller

Katrina Miller-Little

Kellie Morrison

Jesse Pass

Sally Patfield

Harold Phipps

Elena Prieto
Brooke Rosser
Michelle Ware
Peter Wnukowski-Mtonga

Teacher reference group members 

for their generous engagement throughout the development of this course:

Sally Alexander

Cody Breasley

David Brown

Peter Clayden

Adam Lloyd

Phelissitie Milgate

Website and course review 

provided by research staff from the Teachers and Teaching Research Centre:

Lauren Barnett

Alyce Carroll

Skye Gibson

Matthew Harper

Mikahlia Holmes

Felicia Jaremus

Brooke Rosser

Claire Wallington

Chantal Pescud

Terina Vale

Kristina Sincock

 Aspirations: Supporting Students’ Futures online course has been designed for teachers in all Australian states and territories

Our Mission
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